OX-ON Protector Coverall Comfort XL

Product Description

OX-ON Protector Coverall Comfort is an extremely durable and liquid-tight protective coverall for you, who for example work with asbestos, handling of chemicals, pesticides, spray paint or spray from the detergents. With this coverall of antistatic, non-woven polypropylene you get extra protection and comfort. The surface is a microporous film, which protects you against airborne particles such as asbestos, virus, insulation and liquid chemicals - even in the seams where you are particularly exposed. OX-ON Protector Coverall Comfort is type 4, 5 and 6-approved, which means: Type 4: Liquid Spray Protection The coverall, including the seams, protects against liquid, where one is extra exposed. Type 5: Hazardous Particulate Protection The coverall protects the entire body against airborne solid particles. Type 6: Liquid Splash Protection To a limited extent the coverall protects against a light spray of liquid chemicals. Coverall Comfort combines functionality and comfort by having elastic in hood, ankles and waist to seal tightly on your body. Moreover, the coverall has a zipper with flap for protection of the zipper and taped seams for extra protection. You will also enjoy a great mobility in this model, which is provided with a soft ribbing at your wrists. All these details make OX-ON Protector Coverall Comfort a coverall of high quality, from which you will get great pleasure in your work.