OX-ON Faldstoptaljesæt Luksus

Product Description

OX-ON Complete luxury 10 m fall protection block kit in a bag for you, who work in e.g. construction or in masts. You get a full body harness in extremely high quality, a very robust self retracting lifeline cable, an OX-ON webbing sling, a strong steel sling, a steel carabine with screw gate and a smart OX-ON bag for the whole set. OX-ON Complete luxury 10 m self retracting lifeline cable kit is carefully selected and exclusively designed of elements of the highest quality: [355.71] OX-ON V53 Harness Supreme L/XL is the top-quality two-point full body harness for you, who need an extremely comfortable harness in a consistent design, back supporting belt for positioning and a unique freedom of movement. You can use OX-ON V53 Harness Supreme for the vast majority of tasks and applications. The work positioning belt combined with a work positioning lanyard allows you to use both hands for your work. The harness has user-friendly quick-connect buckles, which make it easy for you to put it on and take it off. With its many adjustment options you have here a unique harness that gives you virtually unlimited mobility and flexibility. The OX-ON harness is made in strong and thoroughly tested two-coloured webbing, and it is provided with a strong aluminium dorsal D-ring and front webbing loops for attachment . The belt rings make it possible for you to fasten e.g. your tools. In each side of the ergonomic work positioning belt you have an aluminium D-ring to which you can fasten a work positioning lanyard. The harness is tested to 150 kg. [1031447] 10 m self retracting lifeline cable with galvanized steel wire with a hook. With the block you get a quick-release brake system that stops your fall within a few centimetres. The block has automatic reeling and a highly durable and impact-resistant nylon housing. [348.54] OX-ON Webbing Sling Comfort 1.2 m is made of an extremely strong polyester webbing in 26 mm width. You use the sling for anchoring your fall protection. It is extremely easy and quick to install. The sling only takes up very little space, making it easy to bring along. The webbing sling has a tensile strength of >30kN. [348.56] OX-ON Carabine Comfort is a steel screw gate carabine which, among other things, can be used as a connector. 110 x 58 mm with 18 mm opening. Tensile strength 25 kN. [1002897] Steel sling in 6.3 mm galvanized steel with protective plastic sheath. You can use it together with your self retracting lifeline cable