OX-ON 3 in1 Safety kit Comfort

Product Description

OX-ON 3 in 1 Safety kit Comfort is the first aid kit for you, who has a car and who wish to be sure to be able to provide competent first aid if an accident should occur. The kit is particularly well-suited for having in the car where for example you can fasten it in the boot with the velcro-strips, which are sewn onto the back and bottom of the bag. With this Safety kit Comfort in your car, you have the necessary equipment to make others aware that there has been an accident, and you can treat small and larger injuries, such as stopping a bleeding and clean a wound. The kit contains: * Fold-down warning triangle * Yellow safety vest with reflectors (EN ISO 20471) * First aid kit, which contains the following: 1 pc. plaster roll 2.5 cm x 5 m 4 pcs. elastic plasters 10x6 cm 1 pc. compression bandage 6x8 cm 2 pcs. compression bandages 8x10 cm 1 pc. compression bandage 10x12 cm 1 pc. gauze compress 60x40 cm 1 pc. gauze compress 60x80 cm 2 pcs. gauze bandages 6x400 cm 3 pcs. gauze bandages 8x400 cm 1 pc. foil blanket 160x210 cm 6 pcs. gauze compresses 10 x 10 cm 2 pcs. triangular arm supports 136x96x96 cm 10 pcs. plaster in assorted sizes 2 pcs. wound cleansing wipes 1 pair of metal scissors 4 pcs. disposable gloves 1 pc. descriptive first aid guide With OX-ON 3 in 1 Safety kit Comfort you get a well-assorted first aid kit, which is mandatory in vehicles in many European countries. All remedies are gathered in a practical nylon bag, and the entire kit meets all the requirements of DIN 13164.