OX-ON Earmuffs D2 Comfort

Product Description

OX-ON Earmuffs D2 Comfort are a very comfortable, passive earmuff for you, who work in a high noise level environment. The earmuffs is made in a special dielectric and sturdy plastic design, which protects you in an electric environment. Furthermore, D2 Comfort is provided with the unique dual headband that reduces the pressure on your head and gives you maximum comfort. The inner headband is ventilated so that it feels comfortable to wear, and at the same time you will also get pleasure from wearing a earmuff that feels light with a weight of just 238 grams. With this model you get more options for adapting the earmuffs to your exact needs: The headband is light and quick to adjust, and the two snap-in ear cushions can be placed wherever they suit you the best. The smart 'quick click' system ensures that your settings will remain locked while you work. The cups are made of impact-resistant ABS plastic and has a very special foam double layer, which gives you a high noise reduction. OX-ON Earmuffs D2 Comfort have a attenuation value (SNR value) of 33 dB. High frequency: 34 dB Medium frequency: 31 dB Low frequency: 23 dB With this earmuff you can enjoy the soft ear cushions that close tightly around your ears and feel well protected when you work in a high noise level environment. NB: See instructions for choice of earmuffs with the proper attenuation value. (Use the following link)