OX-ON Earmuffs D1 Comfort

Product Description

OX-ON Earmuffs D1 Comfort are a robust and dielectric passive earmuff that protects you when you work in moderate noise level environments. The earmuffs is made in a dielectric plastic design that gives you high protection in an electric environment. You will also experience a high comfort from the unique dual headband, which reduces the pressure against your head, and with a weight of only 212 grams, it is incredibly light and comfortable to wear. OX-ON Earmuffs D1 Comfort are also nice to work with in humid environments or on hot days when the ventilated inner band creates a breathable effect and provides good comfort. As something special, you have the possibility to adjust the headband and place the snap-in ear cushions as needed. The smart 'quick click' system ensures that your settings will remain locked while you work. The cups are made of impact-resistant ABS material, which makes the earmuffs extra sturdy. The inside consists of a special foam double layer, which feels incredibly soft and gives a close-fitting effect on your ears. OX-ON Earmuffs D1 Comfort have a attenuation value (SNR value) of 31 dB. High frequency: 36 dB Medium frequency: 28 dB Low frequency: 20 dB With this D1 Comfort model, you are well and comfortably protected from noise in electrical environments and in moderate noise level environments. NB: See instructions for choice of earmuffs with the proper attenuation value. (Use the following link)