OX-ON Safety Kit Basic

Product Description

OX-ON Safety Kit Basic is a practical and affordable safety kit for you, who work with various do-it-yourself projects. With this kit you get the following three items: 1 pc. P1 filtering single use mask The mask has a mouldable aluminium nose bridge, which makes it adaptable to your nose. With this mask are you protected against hazardous dust from for example cardboard, plaster and textiles. 1 pc. safety goggles with clear lens The safety goggles are manufactured in impact-resistant polycarbonate, and the frame is made in a soft material that adapts itself to your face. Furthermore, the frame has small ventilation holes in the side, which prevents the goggles from fogging. The goggles are furthermore provided with an adjustable elastic band so that they can be adapted to your head. 1 pc. earmuff With this earmuffs you are well protected against noise nuisance. You can adjust the headband to fit you perfectly. The earmuffs feels light and comfortable to wear and has a attenuation value (SNR value) of 24 dB. With OX-ON Safety Kit Basic you will be equipped at an affordable price, so that you can feel more confident and safe the next time you start up a do-it-yourself project in your home or at the summer cottage.