OX-ON Air Back Coverall Supreme XL

Product Description

OX-ON Air Back Coverall Supreme is a very comfortable and exclusive protective coverall for you, who want quality equipment when you work with for example maintenance, spray paint, insulation, wood, metal, pharmaceuticals and certain chemicals. The coverall is not only durable and protective but also incredibly comfortable to wear. You will experience an unparalleled breathability that is due to the fact that the back of the coverall is made in the special SMS material, which covers completely from the top of the hood to the back of the knees. The rest of the coverall is made in antistatic, non-woven polypropylene. The surface is a microporous film that protects against particles in the air, such as asbestos. The coverall gives you limited protection against spray of chemicals and is type 5 and 6-approved, which means: Type 5: Hazardous Particulate Protection. The coverall protects the entire body against airborne solid particles. Type 6: Liquid Splash Protection To a limited extent the coverall protects against a light spray of liquid chemicals. More details of the coverall give you an extra good protection. For example a two-way zipper with flap for protection of the zipper, which can be closed completely, as well as the inside seams of the coverall. The coverall has elastic in hood and waist and at wrists and ankles, so you get an optimal fit. OX-ON Air Back Coverall Supreme is the ultimate combination of functionality and comfort, and with this protective coverall you give yourself the best working conditions even in warm environments.