OX-ON V8 Discovery Harness Basic L/XL

Product Description

OX-ON V8 Discovery Harness Basic L/XL is a lightweight three-point harness, which you can use for the vast majority of demanding applications such as industrial climbing in masts and wind turbines. The harness is extremely comfortable with extra padding on the back and on the thigh straps. Moreover, it is provided with an ergonomic back supporting belt for positioning. The unique design allows you decidedly to use the harness as a sit harness. The harness has user-friendly quick-connect buckles, which make it easy for you to put it on and take it off. With its many adjustment options you have here a unique harness that gives you virtually unlimited mobility and flexibility. The harness is made in strong and thoroughly tested two-coloured webbing, which with its teflon coating is very dirt-resistant, making it easy for you to clean and maintain your harness. The OX-ON harness is provided with strong dorsal and sternal aluminium D-rings. The belt straps make it possible for you to fasten e.g. your tools. In each side of the ergonomic positioning belt you also have an aluminium D-ring to which you can fasten a work positioning lanyard. The OX-ON V8 Discovery Harness Basic is the perfect harness for the service technician and the professional user.